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Why Castanea?

We named our Society after the Latin name (Castanea sativa) of the characteristic and nice fruit-tree of the landscape of Sopron and Lőverek.
The Castanea Society was formed in 1991, as the first environmental union in Sopron for the protection and care of the natural landscape by the initiative of enthusiastic people. 

The landscape where we live and act

The neighbourhood of Sopron is unique in whole Europe, as there are three quite different sceneries meeting here. To the south-west there are cool and shady alpine type woods (Mountain Sopron, Mountain Rosalia). To the north and north-east are the Mountain Lajta and the hills alongside Lake Fertő. To the east is the sodic steppe Lake Fertő which lies at the furthest western point of the continent and that is part of the World Heritage. 

„I love this landscape!”

The sentence „I love this landscape!” refers to the main leading principle of the Society. Our objective is the protection of the harmony of the landscape around Sopron and the attainment of the loving coexistence of the local people and the nature. 

What do we do for it?

We are acting in different fields for the harmonisation of our environment. Our activities are:

  • survey and research of the natural values,
  • helping the natural biocoenosis, reconstruction of small habitats,
  • organisation of public presentations for our healthy environment and for our health,
  • expert’s works,
  • organisation of periodical events,
  • guiding of regular tours on foot (and by bicycle) for families,
  • making and distributing of publications,
  • representing of topics on environmental protection at local, regional and national forums,
  • carrying out forest-school programmes.

What can we do to help people who are interested?

The experts of Castanea Society can give advise to the customers for free, besides offering the green programmes. Our topics are: ecofarming, healthy lifestyle, environmental education and forest-school, wood vitalizing, plant care, energy saving, water management, transport and waste management.
We are helping all activities on environmental and natural protection which bring about a positive change in the state of the environment. After surveys our Society with its own and external experts undertakes the planning and realisation of environment-friendly and saving technologies, as well as the planning and care of natural gardens, parks, agruicultural and wood fields.
We provide opportunity for handing in common applications, as well as entry to the presentations and meetings of the Circles of our Society. Such Circles are: Mushroom Circle, Friends of the Garden Circle, Ecohousehold Circle. Activities of the Circles are open to everyone and we would like to exchange a lot of help and ideas. Every remark, opinon, and pieces of advice are welcome. 

Our present programmes

We go on with our spring programme around Sopron, with our Forest programme, and with the collection and preservation of old fruit types. In our programme „I love this landscape!” we are cooperating with every same thinking people.

Our contact and partners

We are available on our homepage and facebook. Our publications and collective opinions are available on this homepage.
We keep contact and cooperate with educational institutions, chambers, national parks, forestries, communities of vine growers and other NGOs. We are acting on the basis of cooperation. 

How can you support our Society?

We are a public utility NGO. Our members and supporters find it important that everyone in and around Sopron could live healthy. We are acting on the base of conviction and enthuisiasm and we welcome as many people as possible in joining us in it. If you also find it important that Sopron and its surroundings should be healthy and you can contribute to the attainment of our objectives, please call us on personally.
The Society covers its costs from applications and other supports. If you would like to support us this way, you can find our bank account number hereafter.